The New Cell4Pharma Launch

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Today we present you with the new Cell4Pharma (C4P), led by a highly skilled and motivated leadership team.

We envision a world where animal experiments are obsolete. To make this a reality we are starting with eliminating renal toxicity for compounds entering clinical stages of drug development. This ambition is driven by our human renal ciPTEC cell lines and its use within our growing global network of research professionals. We believe that all researchers deserve the best tools available in order to deliver their best work.

We Empower:

Pharma, biotech, and CRO researchers.

By using C4P’s human renal ciPTEC cell lines, to accurately identify and eliminate toxic compounds for the human kidney during pre-clinical stages of drug development. This method, leads to a significant reduction in financial loss associated with the failure rate during expensive clinical stages of drug development due to renal tox. 

C4P, contributes to a more effective distribution of investments on compounds that are more promising to fulfill unmet patient needs. We ultimately aim to increase the success to market ratio and reduce animal experiments.


ciPTEC is a human conditionally immortalized proximal tubular epithelial cell line. Stably transfected by SV40T and hTERT, subcloned and well-characterized. For more information about the ciPTEC cell-line go here.

Current Activities

We are actively expanding our current client base with additional CRO’s, pharma, biotech, and academic organizations. Next to that we will be expanding the team with a sales representative. C4P is also looking for a phD student to assist with our current development of the ciPTEC OAT1 + OAT3 model. For more information about these positions please check our careers page here


Ron Byron – CEO

Martijn Wilmer – CSO

Tim van Helsland – CFO

Nigel Hircock – CEO UK & Ireland

Errol Byron – Head of Growth

Marco Vegting – Controller

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